The Future is Now

Stand out in your market, embrace higher fiduciary standards, leverage the latest automated client acquisition systems and technology.

Own your business and your destiny.

Across the financial industry major regulatory changes are taking effect or are imminent. This is leading firms to reexamine their business model, merge or even sell. As this consolidation takes place the broker-dealer world will become increasingly homogenized, making a financial advisors ability to stand out from his competitors more and more challenging.

Over the last decade registered investment advisors have advanced dramatically in their ability to offer financial advisors the environment and resources they are accustomed too while also providing them the ability to grow their business efficiently and free of conflicts.

Global View Capital Management has created the 21st Century Financial Advisory Business Model which combines the latest advances in technology with the marketing, business development and financial resources needed to grow and to build a very valuable and enduring business. Global View Capital Management advisors completely own their book of business giving them and their heirs the ability to reap the rewards of BOTH the revenue and the equity their many years of hard work will create.

If this time of change has opened your mind to new possibilities, one which puts you in control of your future and one which avoids the turmoil the broker-dealer centered business model is going through we would welcome an opportunity to share more about us.

  • True Independence and Ownership Business Model
  • Investment Solutions and Technology that make Advisors Stand Out from their Competition
  • Partnerships with Ash Brokerage and PKS Investments to support RIA Only as well as RIA/BD/Insurance Business Models
  • Compensation Systems for Business Expansion and Attracting New Advisors
  • Financial Support for Succession Plans, Transitions and Acquisitions
  • Protect Yourself and Heirs with Fee Continuation for Retirement, Death or Disability

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