Company Sponsored Retirement Plans

What makes our Retirement Plan solution a better choice?

Competitive Advantages:

First, we help businesses design a plan that can help address their business’ needs.

A customized solution is just better.  An example may include allowing higher contributions to the business owner or other highly compensated employees.  Unfortunately, too many plans are just standardized solutions and not  specific to the business’ needs and intentions.   

American Trust specializes in complex plan designs with you in mind.  Let's maximize your benefits!

Second, we help protect the business owner(s) and plan sponsor from a fiduciary standpoint.

There are ongoing responsibilities to monitor the plan’s investments, and all too often business owners and plan trustees have a misconception that this is ‘being done’ for them. . The reality is that it is still the business owner or plan trustee who is on the hook for these responsibilities.

American Trust provides fiduciary oversight at the greatest level.  Get the guidance and protection that you need.

Third, American Trust's Low-Cost Promise:

American Trust takes a proactive approach ensuring full disclosure by complying with fee regulations, disclosing all fees in statements, outlining true costs for the plan sponsor, and remaining unbiased by not accepting compensation from mutual fund companies. We also take the time to educate participants on the impact of costs for their retirement account

Simply better solutions at a simply better price.  Find a cost-efficient solution suited to YOU!

Together with American Trust Retirement,

we help both employers and employees plan for their futures

If you're a Business owner, Plan Sponsor or Trustee

and you want a  plan that provides more value for your employees

and protects yourself better from Fiduciary Risks...

OR, you would like to have a FREE Analysis of your current plan . . . .

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