Long Term Care: Quesions Answered

July 05, 2017

What's your plan for your future Healthcare needs?

 Do you have a plan that will protect you and/or your family from the high costs of Long Term Care?

Long term care is a complicated subject and a mystery to many.  As healthcare costs continue to out-pace inflation, concerns about future healthcare needs (and how to cover that cost) naturally occur.  Likewise, the choices for insurance coverage and/or care are multiplying -- as the needs of baby-boomers get addressed with long-term care options available and not available. 

Join Me in welcoming Speaker, Gary Cyr, Ash Brokerage to learn about

Long Term Care Insurance options -- and there are many.

Bring  your questions and concerns on Tuesday, July 18th:  2 times  +  2 locations:

 Cohasset Senior Center @ 4:30 pm                   OR                 Kelly Shanahan's office @ 7 pm

91 Sohier Street                                                                          800 Hingham Street, Suite 200N

Cohasset, MA                                                                              Rockland, MA   (Exit 14 off Rt 3)


 Sign up/Get more details:   https://www.gvcboston.com/events